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You’re A Hoot – Kids Activity and Learning
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You're a Hoot - Kids Activity and Learning

The owl has struck a chord with the human imagination for centuries. With their curious features, otherworldly abilities and quirky personalities, owls have inspired fables and myths from cultures worldwide. The owl is synonymous with the night, the Greek Goddess Athene, and Harry Potter's worldwide fantasy novel phenomenon.

Owls are birds of prey, meaning they are hunters of small mammals. They, like the falcons and hawk, have sharp talons and a curves sharp beak. They have large wings in comparison to small body size, and the ability to fly completely silent, which no other bird can do.

Owls feathers are different from other birds and are designed in such a way that when they fly, they make no sound at all. Owls also have huge eyes that allow them to see more than 2.5 x brighter than a human can and their ears are so sensitive they can hear the movement of a tiny mouse underneath two feet of snow and catch it with pinpoint accuracy.

Owls other unique adaptations include the ability to fly directly vertical from standing, and they can swivel their heads 270°. Owls are fearless and will protect their nest from any predator, even from wolves. Their loyalty, fearlessness, sensitivity and beauty set owls apart from their avian friends.

You're a Hoot - Kids Activity

To promote our new awareness of owls and in the spirit of learning about our new feathered friends, there is a special activity included in this blog. Click the button and download your fun activity sheet.  My Activity here Guest Contributor: Emily Rack Business Name: Horatios Jar Publisher: Digital Schools Emily Rack is a qualified yoga teacher, meditation instructor, freelance writer and visual content creator. She is the head of the content production, publication and editing for Upschool+ Guest Contributors. Emily provides mindfulness and wellbeing workshops, immersive experiences, classes and events for the whole community and is an experienced event designer, teacher and performing artist. ——- PUBLISHER’S DISCLAIMER: The publisher of this blog post (Digital Schools PTY LTD) works in partnership with the school as a 3rd party provider to help build and maintain the school website. Digital Schools sources a range of experts who provide products and/or services to educational institutions and we work with them to produce and publish topical information in the form of blog posts that we think  may be relevant, interesting or topical to families within the community. The views, opinions and content listed in this blog post are that of the guest contributor and/or publisher (Digital Schools). It should be noted that whilst the publisher and guest contributors are acting with the best intentions and in the best interests of the school and their community to provide helpful or interesting information, sometimes the content may not necessarily reflect the views of the school. The information in this blog post is not meant to be used, nor should it be used, to diagnose or treat any medical condition. For diagnosis or treatment of any medical problem, consult your own physician.  The school and the publisher of this blog post  are not responsible for any person reading or following the information in this article who may experience adverse effects. Any references to external websites or sources are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute endorsement by the school or publisher in any way and the publisher and/or school cannot guarantee accuracy of information listed. If you have feedback on any content on this platform, you can submit it to the publisher using the feedback link provided at the bottom of this page.
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May 23,2024