Mount Pleasant Primary School

Learning Technologies

Mount Pleasant Primary School pride ourselves on being an ICT school. A focus of our teaching and learning programs is the integration of learning technologies into all facets of the curriculum.

Our intention is to develop our students as independent, confident and responsible users of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in order to prepare them for life in an increasingly ICT rich world.

To this end we undertake to:

  • ensure all children receive ICT experiences regardless of gender or ability;
  • enable all children to enjoy using ICT purposefully;
  • encourage children to use ICT independently;
  • foster childrens awareness of ICT in the wider world;
  • build on and develop existing knowledge through skills taught in each year  level to maintain continuity and progression.

Students and teachers are also provided with a wide range of additional ICT resources including computers (desktop and laptops), printers, scanners, interactive whiteboards, video conferencing, digital cameras & videos and the internet.

The use of interactive, open-ended software encourages students to problem solve, verbalize ideas and make considered decisions as part of the learning process.

Additional Resources

The following programs facilitate teaching and learning at our school:

  • iPads in Education (Year Foundation to Year 4). 
    Our students have access to an iPad 24/7 to facilitate anytime/anywhere learning;
  • Computer Assisted Learning Environment (CALEn) Program (Years 5 & 6).  Our students have netbooks 24/7 to facilitate anytime/anywhere learning.
Facilitating Learning

The internet is a very valuable and useful resource that can provide numerous opportunities to promote and facilitate student learning. Mount Pleasant Primary School is committed to educating children to use the internet safely and appropriately.

The school has a comprehensive policy and program that requires an internet agreement to be discussed by families and signed by all parents and students.

The school encourages access to computer usage at home to support and re-enforce skill development across the curriculum, however recommends that it be provided under strong parental supervision.

Cyber Safety