Mount Pleasant Primary School

School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB)

Mount Pleasant Primary School has a Student Engagement Policy and is a School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB). SWPB to ensure student safety and the wellbeing of all pupils.

School-wide positive behaviour support (SWPBS) is a framework that brings together school communities to develop positive, safe, supportive learning cultures

SWPBS assists schools to improve social, emotional, behavioural and academic outcomes for children and young people.

When SWPBS supports schools, teachers and students have more time to focus on relationships and classroom instruction. Students and staff benefit from:

  • increased respectful and positive behaviour
  • increased time focused on instruction
  • improved social-emotional wellbeing
  • positive and respectful relationships among students and staff
  • increased adoption of evidence-based instructional practices
  • a predictable learning environment with improved perceptions of safety and increased attendance

Our policy is based on the following rights:

  • to be treated with respect and courtesy;
  • to work and play without interference;
  • the enjoyment of a safe, attractive and well maintained school environment;
  • the right to the security of their property.

In order to maintain a safe and secure environment children are expected to:

  • treat others with respect;
  • speak courteously to others;
  • use play equipment responsibly;
  • play in their designated areas
    – Junior Area for Year Foundation and Year 1 students
    – Senior Area for Year 2 – 6 students;
  • walk through passages and the Quiet Area;
  • remain within the school boundaries during the day (unless directed  to do otherwise);
  • keep bikes, skateboards or rollerblades in the bike shed.

A copy of the Mount Pleasant Primary School Student Engagement Policy is distributed to parents and children on enrolment and also at the commencement of each year. Additional copies are available on request.

Positive Behaviour

The school has a strong focus on rewarding good behaviour and positive efforts in the classroom and the playground.

This is achieved in many ways, including the issuing of certificates to children at assemblies where they are recognised before the whole school, as well as the participation in our Whole School Reward Days.

School Wide Positive Behaviour

We believe that Mt Pleasant Primary School should be a happy learning environment for all of our students.

All students and staff have;

  • The right to be safe
  • The right to be treated with respect
  • The right to work and play without interference

School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is a whole school program which aims to create a positive school climate, a culture of student competence and an open, responsive management system for all school community members.

Introducing, modelling and reinforcing positive social behaviour is an important component of a student’s educational experience. Teaching behavioural expectations and rewarding or recognising students for following them is a much more positive approach than waiting for misbehaviour to occur before responding.

The School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support program is underpinned by the school’s values. At Mount Pleasant Primary School, our values are reflected in our everyday learning and are displayed and taught explicitly in all areas of the school.