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Mount Pleasant Primary School looks forward to working in partnership with you and your family in the education and development of your child.

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Mount Pleasant Primary School’s curriculum is designed to improve the learning outcomes for all students in the school.

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3 minutes ago

Foundation and Year 1/2 Lacny worked again today with Elise and Lee from Bunnings to move their worms from their little worm farms into a new β€˜Worm Cafe.’ Thanks Bunnings again for the donation ... See more

3 hours ago

There is a box in each classroom. Please donate an item from the following to help those in the Ballarat Community 😁

1 day ago

Chinese painting with ink and brushes of Pandas with bamboo

2 days ago

Year 2/3/4s have been hard at work researching and writing biographies about people who have created change in their various communities. They are very proud of their hard work!

3 days ago

More Step-up day photos 😁

3 days ago

Step-up day has started 😁😁

4 days ago

Mount Pleasant Christmas Carols had a huge turnout! What a sensational community event put together by Ballarat East Neighbourhood House - there were carols sung by our Choir and Phoenix Secondary ... See more

5 days ago

Are you in the Mount Pleasant Primary School Choir? Be sure to come to the Carols tonight at Mount Pleasant Reserve. Our singers will be on just after 6pm πŸ™‚

5 days ago

"Kindness is something we've put out there with a shared language for all of our community."

5 days ago

TONIGHT at 6pm - Mount Pleasant Christmas Carols at Mount Pleasant Reserve ✨
Tag your friends and family!
Hosted by Ballarat East Neighbourhood House